Deogarh District of Odisha

Deogarh District of Odisha

Deogarh District, Odisha A Comprehensive Guide

Deogarh district was newly created on 01.01.1994, being bifurcated from Sambalpur District. It forms part of the old Bamara State (Deogarh Sub-Division). It is situated in the western region of the state having its Head Quarter at Deogarh. This District is entirely of hilly tract. The Hill system of Deogarh has been categorized mainly under four rangesHistory Bamanda–the citadel of creative artists dates back to 5th century A.D. when Mathara Royal Family was at the helm of the Administration.

After this dynasty, Ganga Rulers came into power and established their capital at Deogarh. Deogarh attained all-round prosperity during the reign of Raja Basudev Sudhal Dev, the most enlightened rulers of this clan. A new horizon was innovated in the field of communication by the foundation of Jagannath Ballav press in 1886 and publication of a weekly magazine the “Sambalpur Hitaishini” in 1889. It was during his rule that the jail, police station, post offices, Dispensaries were established and irrigation system was introduced.


District of Deogarh is situated in the Western region of the state havingits Head Quarter at Deogarh. Deogarh is located between 21o 31′ 53″N Latitude and 84o 43′ 2″ E Longitude.How to reach there? The nearest Airports for visiting places of interest in Deogarh Districtare at Bhubaneswar (280 KMs.) and Raipur (376 KMs.).The nearest railheads for Deogarh are at Sambalpur (90 KMs.), Bamra on theNagpur-Hawrah Section of South Eastern Railway (103 KM),
Jharsuguda (98 KMs.) and Rourkela (115 Kms.)Deogarh Town is 90K.Ms. to the east of Sambalpur town on N.H.-6. National HighwayNo.6 passes through the district acts as the main artery ofinter-regional trade and other links. It is 115 KMs. from Rourkela & 280KMs. from Bhubaneswar. Taxis, auto-rickshaws, cycle-rickshaws andlocal bus services are available. Autos are also a main source oftransport.Where to stay? Though Deogarh is a small district in comparison with other districts,
but the status of the district basically belongs to the families of the Rajas & Maharajas. These persons belong to Royal families of Orissa.So, the accommodations available at here are also of royal quality.Though the number of star hotels can’t be found, but numbers of good hotels are available in the district. List of hotels are available at to choose from.

Fairs and festivals

There are three important fairs, namely, Shri Panchmi mela held in January, Shivaratri mela held in March and the Bhadra Purnima mela held in September. Deogarh celebrate many festivals including Makar Mela, Laxmi Puja, Durga Puja among many others.Shopping An ancient centre of diamond trade, Sambalpur is famous for its tie and dye textiles. Though you can buy some antiques and souvenirs from here, the best buy would be the Chanderi saris, for which it is famous world wide.


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