Primitive Tribes Odisha Different Types of Tribes India

Primitive Tribes Odisha Different Types of Tribes India

Odisha is one of the most beautiful regions of the eastern India. It nestles on the shores of Bay of Bengal. The main charm of the state lies in its exotic sandy beaches. It has also plenteous wild life, primitive lifestyle and holy temples famous for their architectural splendour. The charisma of the city is still not explored and unrevealed by the visitors, up to its full magnitude. The other lure of the city lies in its Primitive tribes Odisha Different Types of Tribes India dotted with more than 62 tribal communities.

Odisha is a state, embellished with hilly terrain of the Eastern Ghats. Where Primitive Tribes Odisha Different Types of Tribes India dwell. It has also a beautiful stretch of the Indo-Aryans coast where modern life persists. A blend of 2 discrete civilization with contrast cultures, beautiful landscapes, beaches, rich wildlife offers the best of India to its visitors.

The tribal communities of Odisha constitute about 23% of its total population. Odisha is inhabited by tribes like Saora or Sabar that had a respectable mentioning in the epic of Mahabharata.

The Tribal World of Odisha

Mostly the Odisha tribes are high land habitats with opulent ethnic trait, cultures and customs dominated by varying languages. The culture conscious tribes are able to preserve their social customs and dignified values. The most primitive tribes are Bondas, Gadabas, Koyas, Kondhas and Sauras.

The districts of Mayurbhanj, Keonjhar Phulbani, Sambalpur, Kalahandi and Koraput are main tribal regions. About 62 tribes exist in Odisha. Most famous among them are – Kondhs, Koyas, Bondas, Gadabas, Santals, Juangs, Oraon, are some important tribes who are still maintaining their individualism and their close association with mother nature.

Tribal Culture

The rich Odia tribe culture is well depicted in its fabulous folk songs and dances. Its tattoo art can be well traced in modern life of city. The tribal form of poems, art and craft or music are also one of the main attractions of Odisha State.

The tribes have adapted the Hindu traditions and culture from centuries. Which has merged with their own culture in such a way that it gives a distinct zest to the entire racial. Songs and dances are the essence of the tribal culture of Odisha. The traditions and the ceremonies for wedding, birth and death all are represented by singing songs, rural dances along with feasts.

The Tribal Folk

Odishan tribes are strong, hard working and simple benevolent tribes, normally like to be reserved and maintain distance from the people of other communities, as they are too shy. The major occupation of these tribes is agriculture and fishing and hunting. Men usually wear loin attire and women rap long stretch of cloth around them. Women are adorned with ornaments like bangles, armlets, bracelets, necklaces, rings, hairpins etc usually made of silvers, aluminum, and brass. The practice of tattooing is prevalent among women folk. Girls above 5 years are found with tattoo mark on their faces and hands.

Specialization of Comb Coveting

Of the sixty-two tribes dwelling in Odisha, 12-15 tribes know the art of comb coveting. The Primitive tribes Odisha Different Types of Tribes India make some of the most exquisite combs, and use them not just to put tresses in place but to ward off evil, flatter a lover and weed out thorns from the body. According to a legend, the origin of the combs is traced to the time when one unfortunate day, people started dying of an unknown disease. Jakini Penu, the tribal deity in response to the king’s prayers advised the king to make a comb out of bamboo and palm, and to comb his hair regularly.

Siredi, as their combs are known, come in two shapes, quadrangular for men and circular for women. No two combs are the same; some are sought for their artistic value, some for the material they are made of (ox and buffalo horns, cloth and even palm sap) and others for their magic powers.

Festival Celebration

Tribes believe in worshipping of numerous deities and perform rituals and ceremonies for a blissful life. Many Odia celebrate festivals with much of devotion, through out the year in order to appease their deities and ascendant. The most significant festival of the year are the ‘Chaita Parab’ and ‘Push Parab’ the day has a special attraction as all men of the village go on a hunting expedition. The additional charm of the festival are the cultural tribal dances, the songs and the music performed by the talented folk of tribes, treasuring their rich customs that differentiate them from the other non tribal groups.

The famous Tribal Fair at Bhubaneswar commences from the last week of January to early February. This gives an opportunity to understand the life of this Primitive tribes Odisha Different Types of Tribes India; their art, craft and culture. For those enthusiastic for a closer look, tour operators from Bhubaneswar and other cities arrange trips for the tribal regions.

The Tribal Museum at Bhubaneswar however is quite extensive and provides competent information on the art, crafts housing and life-styles of the various tribal groups

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