Nayagarh District of Odisha

Nayagarh District of Odisha

Exploring Nayagarh District in Odisha: A Comprehensive Guide

The Nayagarh District is located towards the west of Puri district surrounded by Cuttack district in the North, Phulbani district in the West, Ganjam district in the South and Khurda district in the East. The District of Nayagarh lies between 190 54’ to 200 32` North latitude and 840 29` to 850 27` East longitude. This district is situated in the hilly ranges in the West and its North Eastern parts has formed a small well cultivated fertile valleys intersected by small streams.

The district of Nayagarh consists of the four Garajat States of Ex-States Ranpur, Nayagarh, Khandapara and Daspalla. The aboniginal ‘Savaras’ and Kandhas are the indigenous people of Nayagarh District. The Aryans came latter. The Brahmins are mostly the outsiders invited by the Khayatriya rulers to be engaged as priests in the temples and for other holy rites. Besides, there are people of Semitic and Islamic faiths. Thus, the culture of Nayagarh, is a composite culture of heterogenous faiths. Most of the pantheons, of Kandha and Savara and systematically Hinduised and admitted into Hindu religious fold.


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