Kendrapada District of Odisha

Kendrapada District of Odisha

Kendrapada District of Odisha A Comprehensive Guide

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Kendrapada district, located in the eastern state of Odisha, India, is a captivating region with a vibrant history, picturesque landscapes, and a diverse cultural heritage. This article serves as your comprehensive guide to uncovering the remarkable facets of Kendrapada, including its historical significance, geographical features, cultural heritage, transport connectivity, famous festivals, wildlife, tourist attractions, education, economic growth, cuisine, accommodation options, city life, local art and crafts, picnic spots, and enchanting lakes.

The name of the Kendrapara district is quite significant in the Indian subcontinent. The Kendrapara District was formed on 1st of April 1993. Strategically, the Kendrapara district is situated at “20º 20` N to 20º 37` N latitude” and “86º 14` E To 87º 01` E longitude”. According to the Agro- Climatic Classification of Orissa` , Kendrapara district falls under the `central coastal plain zone` .

Other districts of India form the boundaries of this Kendrapara District. Four Indian districts encircle the Kendrapara District; even a portion of it is bordered by the Bay of Bengal. For instance, the Kendrapara district lies in the northern part of the district of Jagatsingpur, western part of Indian district of Cuttack, southwestern part of the district of Jajpur and also southern portion of the district of Bhadrak.

 The shoreline of Kendrapara district constitutes of forty-eight kilometers, which stretches from `Dhamra Muhan to Batighar`. Also the headquarters of the Kendrapara district in about eighty-five kilometers from that of the state.

In order to carry on the study of any district or place it becomes necessary for a person to take a glance at its demography as well. Therefore numerous demographers have been allotted with task of acquiring information about the demography of Kendrapara District. In this regard, the Census report that has been issued out in the year 2001 deserves to be mentioning. According to this report, the total population of Kendrapara District has been enumerated to be1301856. Apart from that exact number of males and females who are residing in the whole of this Kendrapara District too can be identified. As has been highlighted in this report, males are less in number than that of the females. In other words, the number of females is 655500. In Kendrapara District 646356 is the number of males.

Whether a district is developed or not, can be known from its literacy rate. In other words it is a significant yardstick for counting the development of the state. Also from this report, the people also get acquainted with the literacy rate of Kendrapara District as well. It is to be noted that in Kendrapara District the literacy rate is 77.3 percent. Thus it is even higher than that of India, which shows a counting of 59.5 percent. If one has the desire to look at the literacy scenario of males and females on individual basis going through this report becomes must. It has been denoted that rate of male literacy is 87.62 percent. 67.29 is the percentage of female literacy of Kendrapara District.

Few more information also can be known about this Kendrapara district. Chandol, Garadpur, Marshaghai, Gopa, Silipur are the chief markets that have developed in the district.


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