Dhenkanal Disrict of Odisha

Dhenkanal Disrict of Odisha

Discovering Dhenkanal District Odisha: A Complete Guide

for practical purpose, dhenkanal district odisha can be divided in to three natural divisions :

– Southern hilly region.
– The river Valley with tributains.
– The northern hilly region.
Most part of this district are covered with dense forest and a long range of hills. Therefore this district is called as the “Home of elephants and tigers for the country”.

This district has mainly five varieties of soil.

1. Alluvial soil (Available in river valley).
2. Red leam soil (Available in high Land).
3. Sandy loan soil (Found in Yatches).
4. Gravelly soil (Found in hill slopes).
5. Cleaving loan soil (Found through out the district)



The climate of this district is generally hot with high humidity during April and May and cold during December and January. The monsoon generally breaks during the month of June.


Some large scale industries like Nilachal Refractories, Utkal Asbestos Ltd, Orissa Polyfibres Ltd ,Shakti sugar are established in this district.


An agricultural district like Dhenkanal gains much from forests which plays an important role in the economy of the district. The principal forest products are Timber, Bamboo, Fire wood and Kendu leaf. The minor forest products are Lac, Honey, Kenduli Gum, Wax, Mahua flower, Sunari fark, Siali Leaves, Catechus, Tassar Cocoons and other raw materials used for medicine.

How to reach Dhenkanal

Dhenkanal By Air

The nearest airport for approaching the places of interest in the district of Dhenkanal is at Bhubaneswar (99 km.) which is connected with Bew Deklgum Calcutta, Chennai, Mumbai, Visakhapatnam, Hyderabad and Nagpur by Boeing flights.

Dhenkanal By Train

Dhenkanal Railway Station on Cuttack-Sambalpur S.E.Railway line.

Dhenkanal By Road

99 km. from Bhubaneswar on N.H. No. 42 Regular bus services connect Dhenkanal with Bhubaneswar, Cuttack Puri, Rourkela, Sambalpur, Raipur, etc.

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