Bargarh district of Odisha

Bargarh district of Odisha

Bargarh District of Odisha A Comprehensive Guide

The Bargarh district lies between 20° 43′ to 21° 41′ North latitude and 82° 39′ to 83° 58′ East longitude. It is one of the western most districts of the State of Orissa and came in to existence as a district from 1st April 1993. It is bounded on the north by the State of Chhatisgarh and on the east by the district of Sambalpur, on the south lies the district of Balangir and Subarnapur and on the west the district of Nawapara. The district has an area of 5837 Sq.Kms. The population of the district as per 2001 census is 13.46 Millions out of which 6.81 millions are male and 6.65 millions are female

River System

The major rivers in the district are tributaries of Mahanadi river. Jira and Jhaun rivers flow through the Bargarh district and join the river Mahanadi in the extreme south of the district. The Jira has main tributary, the Danta which joins it a few miles north of its confluence with the Mahanadi near the village Gandturum in Bheden.

The other river that flows through the district is Ong (Ang) which rises in the Nawapara district and enters Borasambar (Padampur) at its extreme south-west corner. It flows through in a wide-semi-circle from west to east and leaves the district a few miles to the east of Gaisilat eventually joining the Mahanadi in the Subarnapur district.


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