Balasore district of Odisha

Balasore district of Odisha

Balasore District of Odisha : A Guide to its Rich Heritage.

Balasore is one of the coastal district of Orissa, lies on the northern most part of the state having 21 degree 03′ to 21 degree 59′ North Latitude & 86 degree 20′ to 87 degree 29′ East Longitude. It is bounded by Bay of Bengal in the East, Mayurbhanj district in the West, Midnapore (W.B.) district in the North and Bhadrak district in the South. It has a massive coast line of 81 kms. The district head quarter, Balasore is 204 kms from the State Capital, Bhubaneswar.

Climate and Rainfall

Climate of the district is generally not with high humidity. May is usually the hottest month. Occurrence of large number of fire accidents is a regular feature of the district during the summer months i.e. April to May. December is the coolest month of the year. The highest maximum temperature recorded at Balasore was 44° C on 8.6.98. Monsoon generally commences from 14th June every year. Average rainfall of the undivided district is 1568.4 mm. The rainfall during June to December constitutes at least 75% of the annual rainfall of the district. There are average 62 rainy days in a year in the district.

River Systems and Dams

The district of Balasore has given ways to the following rivers.

  • Subarnarekha
  • Budhabalanga
  • Jalaka
  • Kansabansa
  • Sono

The detail information about these rivers are given below:

River Subarnarekha

Gauge point : Rajghat
Warning Level : 9.45 metre/12.00ft
Danger Level : 1.56 metre/15.00ft
Highest Level : 20.80ft(16.10.85) and 12.20 Meters(7.8.98)

The river Subarnarekha originates from Chhotnagpur hill of Bihar State and enters Balasore district near Olmara of Jaleswar block. Expect some small strips of embankments the river is mostly without embankments. The river falls in Bay of Bengal near Kirtania of Bhograi block. During flood, large areas of Jaleswar, Bhograi and Baliapal blocks and a small pocket of Basta block are affected.


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