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Daringbadi: The Kashmir of Odisha - Explore the Enchanting Beauty

Daringbadi, located in Kandhamal District of the state of Odisha, is a charming hill town often referred to as the “Kashmir of Odisha.” If you’re inquiring about hill stations in Odisha, this is the place to visit. Embark on a scenic road trip to Daringbadi and relish the breathtaking views along the way. The closest railhead is situated in Brahmapur, offering bus connectivity to the town.

For those seeking tranquil and serene destinations to explore in Odisha, Daringbadi provides the ultimate escape. Renowned for its temples and picturesque beaches, this famous town attracts tourists from near and far. Nestled at an altitude of approximately 3000 feet, it truly earns its nickname as the “Kashmir of Odisha.” This beautiful hill station offers a peaceful retreat while treating you to stunning vistas of the surrounding landscape.

Accommodation Options: Consider staying at the nearby Utopia Resort.

Ideal Time to Visit: September to May

Notable Attractions in Daringbadi: Belghar Sanctuary, Hill Park View, Kotagarh Sanctuary, the local market (Hatt), rivers, waterfalls, coffee and turmeric gardens, pepper plantations, Doluri River, Putudi Waterfalls, Daringbadi Waterfalls, Badangia Waterfalls, and Hill View Park.


Hill View Point: Daringbadi boasts captivating hills that offer breathtaking views. Among these, the Hill View Point stands out as a must-visit for tourists. It provides an extraordinary vantage point for visitors to relish the scenic beauty during their Daringbadi tour.

Putudi Waterfalls: Among the notable waterfalls in Odisha, Putudi Waterfall holds a special place. Fed by the River Bada Saluki, this waterfall is surrounded by a lush and picturesque forest. It serves as a perfect spot for picnicking and appreciating the natural beauty of Daringbadi.

Coffee Plantations: Daringbadi’s conducive environment supports the growth of coffee and black pepper plants. Two coffee and black pepper plantations in Daringbadi offer tourists the chance to immerse themselves in the enchanting beauty of these crops.

Doluri River: Doluri River graces Daringbadi with its presence, featuring numerous beautiful waterfalls cascading down different hills. Tourists visiting Daringbadi are deeply enamored by these waterfalls, finding them to be a source of great enjoyment.

Rushikulya River: The Rushikulya River, originating from the slopes of Daringbadi hills, is a prominent and stunning waterway in Odisha. Its natural allure makes it a noteworthy attraction for tourists exploring Daringbadi